CEO’s Notes

Excellence In Fiber Optics

We aim to make a difference in Fiber Optic Industry

Dear Sirs/Madams,

Since founded, we have met customer’s demands in a variety of fields with our unique high precision technology. Always hold pragmatic principles as our way of business

Always be passionate about what we do, focusing on every aspect of our expertise, out box thinking, to create the first class products and offer first class service.

We undertand that any outstanding business formation and development are inseparable with honesty and integrity, but also come

Not only on the aspect of how to cooperate with our respectful customers, but also to our colleagues, to our environment, to our society.

Win-win Cooperation:
We serve not only our customers, but also our colleagues, employees and our society. The purpose of business is to “share the success and development with our customers, our colleagues and our society.”


By focusing on what a little aspect of our ability, we hope to create a better tomorrow for all. In addition, we will carry on the craftmanship and spirit of our forerunners to continuously improve our technologies to meet extensive needs. We hope, with our advanced technology, dedicated powerful team, and advanced business management, together with our customers to create and achieve more. Contribute to the popularity of fiber optic communication of the world!

Jack Liu